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Stand By

My editor has done her thing with A Colonial Murder (Constabulary Casefiles #2). It will now undergo proofreading, and should be ready to publish next week. The paperback cover, hardcover dust jacket and ebook cover are ready to go. I’ve not put it up for pre-order this time around because my schedule and my editor’s were a little more uncertain. But keep an eye on this space, or if you subscribe to my mailing list, your email inbox next week.

In other news, I’m two-thirds done writing Deadly Intent (Ghost Squadron #2), meaning it’ll come out in October, and our new fence – very nice looking, by the way – is up. Since it’s made from PVC, that fence will outlast Mrs Thomson and me. The squirrels, on the other hand are finding its slick surface a pain after years of running along gently decaying wood. I’m not sure, but I think a few of them scolded me yesterday. I guess you can’t please all creatures great and small all the time.

Stay safe and healthy, fellow humans.

Welcome to August

The summer is already almost two-thirds over. And what a weird summer it’s been so far. Still, there’s more to come. Our twenty year old cedar fence, which remains standing mainly out of habit is coming down at the end of the month, replaced by a PVC fence that should outlast me. It’ll be an interesting week around the Casa de Thomson, followed by another interesting one 3-4 weeks later, when the house’s outside envelope finally gets replaced after almost fifty years – new siding, soffits, fascia, gutters and downspouts. That’s the upside of the travel ban: we can redirect our disposable funds to home renovations that were coming overdue.

Edited to add: Heh! No sooner did I publish this that the fencing company contacted me to see if we were ready for them tomorrow. That, friends, is 2020 in a nutshell: adapt and overcome. Our neighbours on one side are away on holidays. They’ll find the new fence in place when they return. Surprise, surprise!

In other news, my editor is still busily working on A Colonial Murder (Constabulary Casefiles #2). Initial feedback is good, which means I shouldn’t face much work in terms of finalizing it, so I think we’re still on track for a late August release date. In the meantime, Deadly Intent (Ghost Squadron #2) is more than halfway written, so I think an October release date is feasible.

Finally, since humor is important, I leave this sign of the times for my fellow Army veterans, who’ll get the joke. Those who don’t can look up “Claymore Mine” on


Stay safe and healthy, fellow humans. Peace.


One More Time!

I just emailed A Colonial Murder, the second Chief Superintendent Caelin Morrow investigation to my editor. Provided she finds no major issues, I think a release date at the end of August is in the cards. In the meantime, I’ll be working on Deadly Intent (Ghost Squadron #2) whose first three chapters are already written.

The dust jacket for the hardcover is already done, as you can see below:

Stay safe and stay healthy, fellow humans.


I finished writing A Colonial Murder (Constabulary Casefiles #2) earlier today, and like the previous Caelin Morrow adventure, nothing is as it seems. But she has friends in strange places these days, so things don’t turn out the way the bad guys planned. Intrigue, corruption, murder, and an old threat await her on distant Mission Colony where shadowy commercial interests are spinning a web of lies and deceit. Will Morrow solve the riddle of who is honest and who is on the side of darkness before she’s off the case? Stand by. It’ll take me at least until the end of July before it’s ready for my editor. This one is an interstellar anti-corruption case for the ages, with hints of military action. If you liked The Warrior’s Knife, you’ll love A Colonial Murder.

Small Mercies

There’s nothing quite like a sunny summer Sunday to lift one’s spirits. Cold, gray winter is about as far away in the past and future as it will ever be during the course of a year. Since both our spring and summer trips to dive coral reefs have been cancelled, this is about as close as we’ll get to our favorite climate. The odd BBQ meal prepared with spices from the islands also helps. But the money we’re not spending traveling will be spent carrying out a lot of maintenance on our almost fifty year old house, so there’s practical good coming out of the suspension of international travel. Still…

In other good news, I’m two-thirds done writing the second Chief Superintendent Morrow investigation, A Colonial Murder. As things progress in my twenty-sixth century interstellar Commonwealth racing headlong to ruin and the birth of empire, Morrow’s current story line is intersecting with that of Ghost Squadron, something which will likely happen more often than not. It’s one of the reasons why I rebranded the Morrow series as Constabulary Casefiles, since I’m writing about more than just internal affairs investigations at this point. The rebranding also allows me to explore the broader Constabulary role in the collapse of the Commonwealth. I’ve told my editor she can expect A Colonial Murder sometime in early August, which could mean an early September publication date. Then, it’s on with Deadly Intent (Ghost Squadron #2) which takes place, chronologically speaking, immediately after A Colonial Murder. I’m hoping to get that one out by December.

Stay healthy and safe, fellow humans. Peace.

Happiness is a Warm Summer

And it’s finally here for us in the northern hemisphere. Happy summer solstice, everyone. And a happy winter solstice for those in the southern hemisphere.

I’ve just passed the halfway mark on the second Chief Superintendent Morrow case A Colonial Murder. It takes place shortly after events in We Dare (Ghost Squadron No. 1) on Mission Colony, which still suffers from the aftereffects of Decker and Talyn’s visit in Hard Strike. Of course, since this is Caelin Morrow, it’s not an ordinary internal affairs investigation, let alone a simple homicide. And since it takes place during the increasingly tumultuous years leading to the end of the Commonwealth and the rise of humanity’s first interstellar empire, you can be sure of darker motives and more violent players.

I’m also well advanced with the outline of the next Ashes of Empire story and am finalizing the story line for Deadly Intent (Ghost Squadron No.2). It’ll be a busy summer here in the Casa de Thomson. At this point, I plan on writing Deadly Intent the moment A Colonial Murder is with my editor, simply because in the overall Commonwealth-Empire timeline, the events in the second Ghost Squadron adventure occur immediately after A Colonial Murder.

Stay healthy and stay safe, fellow humans. Peace.

And Just Like That, it’s June

Although with the current weather, you’d never know it. We had a few days of summer-like heat last week, but since Saturday, it feels more like March, with nighttime temperatures in the single digits (Celsius, not Fahrenheit) and daytime not much better. So far, 2020 just keeps on being 2020.

This morning, I invented a new activity: tidycize. I’ve been working out in my basement rec room ever since they closed the gym and with the amount of stuff down there, I’m not bored while resting between sets and exercises. But the place was a bit of a mess, so instead of working on my current hobby project during my rest periods, I tidied the place. Ten reps of arm curls, 20 seconds of tidying, another ten reps, etc, etc, etc. Got a lot done in 40 minutes!

As of today, I’ve written over twenty-five percent of A Colonial Murder, the next Chief Superintendent Caelin Morrow casefile, and my editor is almost done with Ashes of Empire: Imperial Night which means things are moving along at Sanddiver Books Inc. even though summer is just about here. And summer means the propane grill is in action, as is my charcoal smoker. Food has never been better. Those of you who follow me on Facebook will have seen my culinary postings. Even before the current pandemic, I knew there was a lot of good in buying local. We get our vegetables and meat home-delivered from small, family owned and operated local farms, and boy can you taste the difference. Of course, living in the Great White North means I can’t get much of our fruit supply from local sources other than during a short period of year, but such is life. I blame Samuel de Champlain for setting up his New France colony north of the 45 parallel instead of smack dab in the middle of the Caribbean.

Stay healthy and stay safe. Peace, fellow humans.

Happy New Year 2018

Mrs Thomson and I spent the countdown to midnight on an airplane flying the last leg of the long, twenty-one hour journey home from an undisclosed location where we spent two weeks scuba diving, relaxing and eating way too much.  We saw a few fireworks from up high, but it was an otherwise uneventful slip into 2018.  Considering the blanket of extreme cold that seems to have smothered a wide swath of the Great White North, I’m sure uneventful was the norm rather than the exception, what with authorities cancelling outdoor festivities all over the place.  And now, back to reality…

The coming year will have plenty to keep me gainfully employed as a writer.  Three novels are on the schedule, all of them outlined and the first of the three already 20% written:

  • No Remorse (Decker’s War Book 6)
  • Without Mercy (Siobhan Dunmoore Book 5) and
  • an as of yet untitled 26th Century murder mystery featuring Chief Superintendent Caelin Morrow

Speaking of Caelin Morrow, if you haven’t yet picked up a copy of The Warrior’s Knife (Quis Custodiet No 1), look for it at your favorite retailer.  The reviews on have been uniformly positive to date.

A Happy New Year to all my readers.  And for those living in the grip of Old Man Winter, stay warm!

The Warrior’s Knife

QC1Just in time for the Holidays, the first in my new 26th Century Murder Mystery series, The Warrior’s Knife, has finally been released.  As I’ve mentioned before, this novel isn’t military science fiction or even space opera. It’s a police procedural / murder mystery set in the 26th century Decker’s War universe. And although it has plenty of intrigue, aliens, and an exotic interstellar setting, it has no fistfights, no gun play, let alone combat or war. So take heed. If contemporary murder mysteries aren’t your thing, The Warrior’s Knife might not be either. But if you want a good cop story with a sci-fi twist, an engaging protagonist, and a tale that builds until it hits an explosive conclusion, try it.  You can get it pretty much anywhere ebooks are sold, and in paperback from Amazon.

The following links will take you to the book’s page in the various stores:

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