It is clearly summer in the Great White North because I’ve eschewed long pants in favor of shorts all day long, every day, although it’s been rainy. But since I’m spending so much time behind my keyboard, it doesn’t matter.

Imperial Dawn (Ashes of Empire #6) has been out for a week now and is doing quite well. If you haven’t get snagged your copy yet, what are you waiting for? Yes, it’s the last of the Ashes of Empire series, but I’ll be starting a follow-on series to be called Imperial Rogue which will be set a few years after Imperial Dawn. It will feature the adventures of an agent of the Second Empire as he does roguish things across the galaxy in the service of the empire, and will look at future developments of the Second Empire and its adversary, the Republic of Lyonesse.

I don’t have a title for the first book yet, but I expect to begin working on it once the fifth Ghost Squadron adventure, Violent Fires, is out. And when will it be out? I figure sometime in late September. I have a third of it written so far. That means the first Imperial Rogue story could potentially hit the shelves in early 2025.

And that’s all the news fit to share! Stay safe and healthy, fellow humans.