Space Opera With a Twist

A Title and a Cover

I’m almost at the halfway point in writing the ninth and last Siobhan Dunmoore adventure and I finally came up with a title and a cover. Enjoy!


  1. Barbara Anderson

    Great – can’t wait to read it. Let us know as soon as I can pre-order.

    • Eric Thomson

      I’ll let everyone know when it’s time!

  2. Edie Craddock


  3. Carl Rumbolo

    Siobhan looks softer than my minds eye depicts her based on the descriptions in the books

    • Eric Thomson

      It’s the closest I could get to what I figured she’d look like.

  4. Case

    Nice! Cant wait to get it into my hands:)

  5. Kenneth Paton

    I’m only at book 4 so I’ve got time to catch up, really enjoying the series.

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