Space Opera With a Twist

Spring is Almost Sprung

The weather in our part of the Great White North is looking up these days. The sun is higher in the sky and feels so good on one’s face, the snow is slowly melting and daytime temperatures are now almost consistently hovering a degree or two above freezing. All in all, it looks like winter’s back is almost broken. But this being Canada, we can still get a snowstorm or two before it truly ends. Still, the trend is towards warmer days and that’s what counts.

In other news, I’m fast approaching the halfway mark on the fourth Constabulary Casefiles adventure, which sees Caelin Morrow go up against her most perilous adversary to date. It still doesn’t have  a title, strangely enough, let alone a cover design, yet those will come to me eventually.

And that’s about it. Stay safe and healthy, fellow humans.


  1. Johndbuchanan

    Much enjoyed Fear No Darkness so no rest for you Sir until the next is finished! Have a nice Spring. It is Winter again here in UK with heavy snow so I suspect Al Gore must be visiting.

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