Space Opera With a Twist

A Quick Note

I just finished writing On Stormy Seas (Siobhan Dunmoore Book 8) which is the penultimate adventure in her saga and sets the stage for the as of yet unnamed Book 9. It will be the final entry in the series and will cover events of Dunmoore’s era mentioned in Decker’s War, Constabulary Casefiles and Ghost Squadron. I wrote On Stormy Seas in record time – only 54 days, which is the fastest I’ve ever put out a full-length novel. Of course, as I told my editor a few times, the closer one gets to the end of a saga, the easier it is to write because there are fewer and fewer possible paths to the conclusion.

And now that which every author dreads awaits me – the many rounds of revision. September is looking good for a release date.

Stay safe and healthy, my friends.



  1. xromad

    Looking forward to “On Stormy Seas” but not #9. I always hate to see a good series end.

    • Eric Thomson

      As a reader, I thoroughly agree with you. As a writer… well, let’s just say sometimes it’s best to end a good thing on a high note rather than drag it out and annoy everyone, me included.


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