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Imperial Twilight Audiobook

My audiobook publisher, Tantor Media, just told me the audiobook version of Imperial Twilight (Ashes of Empire 2) will come out on November 9th. It is already available for preorder from most retailers, including Amazon, Audible, Kobo, and more. Of course, Imperial Sunset in audiobook has been out since last September.

And in other news… Die Like the Rest (Ghost Squadron #3) is coming out this week, perhaps as early as tomorrow. Watch this space.

Finally, I’m fast approaching the one-third mark writing The Dirty and the Dead, Caelin Morrow’s third casefile, so there’s a lot going on around here. Barring unforeseens, this one should come out early in the new year.

Stay safe and healthy, fellow humans.


  1. xromad

    Just went to Amazon to pre-order but they don’t show it as coming out.

    • xromad

      Oops, I’m referring to “Die Like the Rest (Ghost Squadron #3)”

      • Eric Thomson

        I didn’t put Die Like the Rest up for pre-order. Too much of a pain. So it’ll appear shortly after it’s processed through the Amazon publishing machine. Like I said, I’m hoping for tomorrow, but I’m still waiting for my proofer’s final go-ahead.

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