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One Step Closer

I just sent Die Like the Rest (Ghost Squadron #3) to my editor at long last. Barring any unforeseen events, it should release around mid-November. And now, to the next project, Assistant Commissioner Caelin Morrow’s latest anti-corruption investigation in The Dirty and the Dead. I’m rather excited to be starting this one because I really like the outline I’m developing. It should hit the bookshelves around March 2022.

Stay safe and healthy fellow humans.


  1. Mitchell Stewart

    Well, I, too, am thrilled that #5 will land in our reading basket in mid-November, but I must tell you I am even more excited to see you turning your attention to the Constabulary Casefiles (do you still call it by that series name?). First, the entire detection aspect is not just good (it’s terrific), but so different from the slash and burn of some of your other work. Second, I find the characters are more human, more fallible, and more real — not a super-hero or psychopath in the bunch (well, except for their helpers from Ghost Squadron, of course).
    Best Regards,


    • Eric Thomson

      Hi Mitch,

      Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad you enjoy the Constabulary Casefiles series, and yes, that’s the name I finally settled on. Caelin Morrow and her colleagues have a special place in my universe because of they way they developed from an idea I had almost 25 years ago. I think you’ll like the next installment.



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