Space Opera With a Twist

Month: September 2021

Better Late than Never

I just finished writing Die Like the Rest (Ghost Squadron #3). It’s a little later than I’d hoped and the release date will most likely be early November, but it’s done and I’m pretty happy with the story. Now for the standard revisions before the manuscript goes to my editor.

Next on my to-do list is the third Caelin Morrow case, The Dirty and the Dead, and I’ll start on it while my editor goes through Die Like the Rest. With autumn here and the days getting both shorter and colder, I won’t have too many excuses for idleness. While it’s still balmy enough to enjoy a glass of wine on the veranda after supper, albeit wearing a sweater instead of a tshirt, that won’t last. Already, the leaves in the trees are turning, the geese are flying overhead in huge V formations, getting ready for the migration south and the chipmunks are scurrying about, their cheeks filled with acorns and nuts for their winter larders. And before we know it, we’ll have our lovely Canadian winter, with all the trimmings. The forecasters are telling us it’ll be a tad harsher than the last one. But that’s life.

In other news, the audiobook version of Imperial Sunset has been published and is available from your favorite audiobook retailer. The link below will take you to the relevant page on my publisher’s website:

And finally, while the cover for Die Like the Rest isn’t finalized yet, the image below is pretty close to what you’ll see on the bookshelves. Stay safe and healthy fellow humans.

And on the First Monday

In September, we celebrate work by being idle. Yes, it’s Labour Day once again in Canada and the US. Around here, that means summer is unofficially over, although the weather will remain nice and balmy for a bit yet. Considering how fast summer went by, I can only conclude that time passes more rapidly as one gets older. But it’s been a pleasant season nonetheless. On muggy days, our backyard oasis reminded us intensely of our favorite scuba diving destinations, and we made the illusion complete with a daily gin & tonic on the veranda before supper. But as with the passing of the seasons, the gin is now gone and what’s left of the tonic water will remain in the cupboard until next year.

Work on the next Ghost Squadron story has been progressing in fits and starts, but I’m past the two-thirds mark, so a late October publication date is achievable, especially now that summer is winding down.

And now, back to officially endorsed idleness. Stay safe and healthy, fellow humans.