Space Opera With a Twist

A Dark and Dirty War

It’s out!

Or if you would rather buy from my publisher’s online bookstore (but you’ll have to side load it onto your reading device)

As always, some retailers take longer to place it on their virtual shelves, so if your favorite doesn’t have it yet, check back later in the day or tomorrow. The hardcover and paperback versions will also be coming out within the next day or so.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

And now, back to Die Like the Rest (Ghost Squadron #3). I’ve written a quarter of it already.


  1. Dennis Swaney

    In what format are the books from Sanddiver? Do they have DRM? Last, are the prices in $CDN?

    • Eric Thomson


      You get both the epub and the mobi, there’s no DRM and the prices are in US dollars



      • xromad

        Thanks, Eric. Previously I had to buy the Kindle version, download it to my iMac, add it to my Calibre Library, strip off the DRM, convert it from Kindle to ePub and then copy it to MapleRead SE on my iPad Mini. Now I should be able to just buy the ePub, save it to my Calibre Library on the iMac, and then copy it to MapleRead on the iPad Mini.

  2. xromad

    Oh, how do I use my PayPal account to purchase the book?

    • Eric Thomson

      Sorry, it’s not enabled for PayPal. The store takes only credit cards via Stripe.

      • xromad

        Bummer. I’ll just have to get it from Amazon and convert it to ePub then as I don’t like having my CCs on file at every Tom, Dick, and Harry sites.

        • Eric Thomson

          Just so you know, the payment is processed by Stripe, not by the book store. And they don’t keep it on file once it’s gone through.

  3. Fabian Wennerberg

    What are the odds of books 4+ coming in audiobook format? While i would love to physically read them it would take me far to long to make it through a book.

    As with audiobooks it fits perfectly with work making me drive for extended amounts of time.

    But so far the first 3 books have me hungering for more.

    • Eric Thomson

      Hello Fabian,
      I don’t know if it will happen anytime soon. The audiobooks are produced by Tantor Media and so far, they’ve not shown much interest in doing books 4-7, likely because the first three didn’t sell enough.

      • Fabian Wennerberg

        Really they didn’t sell enough to make them want to do the rest? That’s really surprising, I mean the ratings are great (on audible) and me and my friend who have both been listening to the books have both found them amazing, I suppose I’ll just have to buy the remaining books in paperback and get through them at my own (slow) pace

        Really appreciate the response and I’m looking forward to reading through the rest of the books once I find a good place to order them to Sweden.


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