Space Opera With a Twist

An Echo of the Future

I finished writing Ashes of Empire: Imperial Echoes yesterday and began the revision this morning. I warned my editor she’d see the manuscript in early March, so I’m optimistic about a late March or early April publication date. At this point it comes in at just under 400 print pages.

What next? It looks more and more likely I’ll be writing the seventh Siobhan Dunmoore adventure which could come out as early as the summer. And I have a tentative title for the fifth Ashes of Empire installment — Imperial Ghosts. No, Imperial Echoes doesn’t finish the series. It sets up the next phase of the rebirth, but I’ve not yet developed a storyline, and it won’t come out before 2022 in any case.

And that’s all the news on this Monday morning, here in the Land of Ice and Snow. Stay healthy and stay safe, my friends.

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