A look out my office window reveals a January-style winter wonderland, thanks to a pair of snow dumps, one on Monday and one today. It’ll melt, what with above freezing temperatures predicted from tomorrow until well into next week, but I’d best get used to the view. After all, this is Canada, the land of ice and snow.

The contractors finished working on the house yesterday and they did a superb job – new vinyl siding, new soffits, new fascia, new gutters and new downspouts. Our almost 50 year old home looks 40 years younger, and with fresh Tyvek house wrap replacing the old tar paper, it’s also better clad beneath the muted green siding. Of equal relief was the fact they found no major issues. The walls are in good shape – not a trace of rot, insect or animal infestation. With new outside lights and a bright new house number plate completing the do-over, we’re officially done with renos until next summer. Anyone in the Ottawa area needing a top-notch contractor to re-side their home, replace the gutters and whatnot, drop me a message via the official Eric Thomson website and I’ll give you their coordinates.

As predicted, progress on Ashes of Empire: Imperial Echoes was slow over the last week and a half, but I’m back in the saddle now, although I’m not sure I can make a late January publishing date at this time. We’ll see. In the meantime, stay healthy and safe, fellow humans. Peace.