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A New Addition

Sharp-eyed readers might have noticed a new menu item above called “The Sanddiver Bookstore.” And it’s exactly what you might think. An online shop under my publisher banner offering my novels in Kindle and Epub formats. If there’s a book of mine you haven’t yet read, are comfortable with side-loading ebook files onto your reading device and would rather keep a dollar (US) in your pocket than hand it over to Amazon, Apple, Google, and the other big retailers, check it out by following this link:

The Sanddiver Bookstore

Happy Halloween and Happy Blue Moon. Stay safe, fellow humans


  1. xromad

    Unfortunately I already have all of the books from Amazon, just buying “Deadly Intent” last week. The good news for me is that in addition to being priced less than Amazon, I can get the books in ePub directly instead of converting the Kindle books to ePubs.

    What is the story on “Imperial Echoes”? It isn’t in your bookstore.

  2. Eric Thomson

    The story is that I’m still writing it. It’ll come out late January 2021.

  3. daveboldly

    OH futtocks, just after I buy your 3 latest books you tell me this, oh well roll on the next few.

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