Space Opera With a Twist

Another Ending

I just finished writing the last line of Deadly Intent (Ghost Squadron #2) and I’m rather pleased with myself, although I suspect my editor might think that line a little too much. We’ll see. The story has a few surprises in store for Ghost Squadron and Decker’s War fans, and the action takes the Commonwealth one step closer to its demise. As a certain emperor once said, long ago in a galaxy far away, everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

My editor has cleared the decks for a first week of October start, so barring unforeseen circumstances, it’ll come out sometime after Canadian Thanksgiving (which, for those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving at a time when it’s almost winter around here, is the second Monday in October.) Will I put it up for pre-order? Probably not. Stay tuned.

Peace, fellow humans.


  1. thomas Monaghan

    A Colonial Murder (Constabulary Casefiles) delivered today

  2. Eric Thomson

    I hope you’ll enjoy it. Cheers!

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