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A Day of Rest

Today is the first Monday of September, which means it’s the day when we celebrate work by not working. We Canadians call it, unironically, Labour Day. Our friends in the US celebrate it as well, although without the letter “u”. Around here, Labour Day is the unofficial end of summer, and considering how gray and windy it is today, we’ve reached autumn. Mind you, in recent days, I noticed that the quality of the sunlight was taking on that autumnal quality. I can’t quite explain what it looks like but the sky isn’t quite as deep blue and the sun isn’t quite as sunny as it was in early July.

But back to Labour Day. Those of us who scribble down random thoughts and form them into coherent adventures know no weekends, holidays, or idleness, so today isn’t any different for me. Finishing Deadly Intent (Ghost Squadron #2) is within reach, as I well over the 90% mark. Four more chapters, that’s it. Which means I’m done by the end of this week. Heck, by pushing myself, I could theoretically finish by suppertime tomorrow. I already warned my editor she can expect the manuscript in early October, and then it’s on to the fourth Ashes of Empire story, which takes place in the dystopian, nightmarish remnants of the fallen empire, several generations after Imperial Night. As you’ll note when it comes out next year, the Wyvern Hegemony is Lyonesse’s dark and disturbing counterpart. I look forward to writing it.

Many readers have asked me whether there will be a new Siobhan Dunmoore adventure at some point. The possibility is there, since she still has a long career ahead of her, but I’ll need to come up with a good storyline, which isn’t obvious considering the war is over. Therefore I make no promises.

Stay safe and healthy, fellow humans.


  1. xromad

    Here at Oroville in Northern California, the sky is brown as we are under a layer of smoke. The good news is the smoke layer will block the sun so our temps should not reach triple digits Fahrenheit (yesterday was the equivalent of 43 Celsius).

    • Eric Thomson

      Doesn’t sound healthy nonetheless. Take care.

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