Space Opera With a Twist

Ashes of Empire: Imperial Night

It’s official, the third installment in the Ashes of Empire saga is coming out on Monday, June 15th, 2020, four days earlier than planned. If you pre-ordered the ebook, it should appear on your device Monday morning. If you didn’t pre-order it, visit your favorite online retailer Monday and enjoy. The hardcover and paperback versions will also be available.

Here’s the link:

Imperial Night completes the first cycle in the saga, recounting the establishment of Lyonesse as a final bastion of civilization. The next three book cycle will tell the tale of what remains beyond Lyonesse, starting with Ashes of Empire: Imperial Echoes, which will come out next year.

In the meantime, I’m making decent progress with the second Chief Superintendent Morrow case, A Colonial Murder.

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  1. stealth694

    Looking forward to seeing it, I am re-reading Imperial Sunset and Imperial Twilight, to give the story more continuity.

  2. Chong Go Sunim

    Alright, I just got it and it’s looking good! (Just a heads up, the table of contents is missing in the kindle edition.)

    • Eric Thomson

      Thanks for letting me know. It’s always something with Amazon…

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