Space Opera With a Twist

Better Late Than Never

I just wrote the final word to Ashes of Empire: Imperial Night. I’d planned on being done at the beginning of April, not the end, but whatever. The world isn’t normal right now and I doubt I’m the only author whose timelines slipped as we watched reality become stranger than fiction. I’m giving myself tomorrow off, then on Monday, I’ll start the long and laborious revision process to polish the story before my editor sees it. That usually takes me about three weeks, so you can expect to see the pre-order go up on Amazon, Kobo, and Google Play sometime around mid-May with an early June publication date. It’ll be available through all retailers at that time, but those three are the only ones where pre-orders aren’t a massive pain in the rear end.

Imperial Night marks the end of the saga’s first cycle. The tale isn’t over by a long shot and there will be more stories in the coming years, set decades if not centuries later. To paraphrase Sir Winston Churchill, Imperial Night isn’t the beginning of the saga’s end but it is the end of the saga’s beginning. You’ll see what I mean when you read it in a few weeks.

In the meantime, winter’s back is definitely broken in our part of the world. Our ageing little dog has resumed his walks, brief as they are, Mrs Thomson has resumed gardening, one of her favorite activities, and I’m preparing my outdoor kitchen.

Stay safe and healthy wherever you are, fellow humans. Peace.


  1. stealth694

    If writing was like an assembly line we could all do it.

    Great stories take time,,,

    • Eric Thomson

      As Gandalf might say, an author is never late, nor is he early, he finishes his book precisely when he means to.


  2. Tom

    Excellent news!! Just write!!

    • Eric Thomson

      At this point, it’ll be edit instead of write, but once I’m done with Imperial Night, it’s on with Deadly Intent (Ghost Squadron No 2)

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