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Winter’s Not Done Yet

And neither is Ashes of Empire: Imperial Night but both will hopefully be finished at the same time. The weather service is warning that we could get up to half a meter of snow (for you folks still using the imperial system, that’s almost 20 inches) between Wednesday afternoon and Friday morning, which would make it the biggest dump of this winter. We had one like it last year, and when it was over, I had to put on my snowshoes so I could get to the side of the house and make sure the gas furnace intake and exhaust pipes weren’t buried. Bad things happen when they’re buried, such as the furnace going out and needing a technician from the gas company to restart it. Which, of course, would mean no heat until he shows up. Since this dump is supposed to come over the space of 36-48 hours, I think I’ll go out and check tomorrow afternoon. But the larder and wine cellar are well stocked, so if the roads are crappy, I can admire the fresh white landscape through my office window and wait until Friday. Mind you, the weather service buggers up its prognostications on a regular basis and storms of the decade have turned out to be damp squibs. Hopefully, it’ll be the last one. We can already feel spring’s arrival. The days are getting longer, the sun shines brighter and sits higher in the sky, and we’ve had above freezing temperatures this week. Of course, the idiotic daylight savings time change is coming up in a week and a half as well.

I’ve passed the 60% completion mark on Ashes of Empire: Imperial Night. The going has been a little slow in the last week or so because I’ve had to spend a little more time than expected coming up with a ton of details about the Order of the Void. It plays a huge, if not central part in this book, as you might guess from the cover image. But progress is steady, and I’m almost finished with the second of what will be three parts (as opposed to the first two books in the series, which were split into two parts). I’ve named them Part I – Into Darkness, Part II – Moonrise, and Part III – The Hour of the Wolf. They may change by the time the book is finalized for publication.

And now back to work. Peace, fellow humans.

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  1. xromad

    Can’t you have a 1 meter snorkel on the intake pipe and a similar exhaust pipe to make sure both are above the snow? Meanwhile, here in Northern California we’ve been having abnormal high temperatures with the dreaded “D” word being talked about. Our normal end of February temps are around 60F (ca. 15C) but yesterday was 80F (ca. 25C)

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