Space Opera With a Twist

Mid-Month, Mid-Book

It’s a windy, cold Saturday in February around here, with plenty of blowing snow, though thankfully not as cold as yesterday, when the house groaned and cracked as if possessed by poltergeists. Even my pickup truck, normally a stalwart machine, coughed a few times before starting. And if you’re wondering whether Mrs Thomson and I did something special for Valentine’s Day, the answer is no. We treat every day as Valentine’s Day. Yes, it sounds corny, but we’re like that.

I passed the 50% mark on “Ashes of Empire: Imperial Night” yesterday, and this morning, I finally added it to the Upcoming Books page on my official website:

If you want to see what perils are coming at Lyonesse, check it out. Or visit the Ashes of Empire page on this blog and scroll down. I’ve marked it as appearing in May 2020, but that could move up to late April. It’ll be available for pre-order a few weeks earlier on Amazon, Kobo, and Google Play.

I also designed the cover for “Deadly Intent (Ghost Squadron No. 2)” and it’ll appear on the Upcoming Books page eventually. All in all, the last week was productive, though it’s about maintaining momentum. I know where Imperial Night is going. In fact, writing up the summary this morning cleared a few things in my mind, an ‘aha’ moment if you like. I always enjoy ‘aha’ moments, though Mrs Thomson doesn’t necessarily enjoy me going on about them non-stop.

And now to enjoy some time with my hobbies. I promised myself to take weekends off from writing, and so far, it’s been a struggle so I compromised. On Saturdays and Sundays, it’s a burst of model building in the basement, then while glue or paint dries, a burst of writing before going back to the model.


  1. Robert

    Just read and enjoyed Twilight. But Do you have any idea how infuriating it is to be slapped with a huge COMING NEXT literally just as the last sentence of the last page of the book ends. Can’t absorb or contemplate the end of the story or what you have just read as the eye immediately jumps. This is a big problem with ebooks, although most from major publishers lay the end out with some space and air. please look at yours.

    • Eric Thomson

      Thank you for pointing that out. I’ll look into it.

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