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Happy Palindrome Day

Fun fact: today, February 2nd, 2020, aka 02.02.2020, is a palindrome day if you write your dates (or mm.dd.yyyy, as xromad helpfully pointed out!)  It also means January 2020 went by in a blur.  Where did it go?  At least we get an extra day this month, for all the good it’ll do slowing down the passage of time.  They do say the older you get, the more you perceive the passage of time as accelerating.

January was reasonably productive month.  Ashes of Empire: Imperial Night is one third written.  Some time today, I’ll wrap up Part I and begin Part II.  Funnily enough, current events are mirroring one of the subplots in the book, though I can’t remember whether I stumbled upon the idea first or picked up the initial hints of what was happening on this planet and ran with it.  But it allows me to further develop one of the overarching themes I explore in Ashes of Empire.

And this is the cover:

The keepers

Enjoy Palindrome Day, or as I like to call it, another cold, gray, snowy day in the Great White North.

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  1. xromad

    And even if you use the mm.dd.yyyy format, Eric!

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