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Month: December 2019

The Day is Coming

We Dare (Ghost Squadron No. 1) is currently undergoing a last round of proofreading, which means it should come out in the next 3-4 days.  Look for it on your favorite retailer’s website by mid week.  Those of you who pre-ordered will get it automatically when it’s released.

In the meantime, I’m making good progress on the detailed outline of Ashes of Empire: Imperial Night.  I expect to start writing in early January, after taking some time off to enjoy life with Mrs Thomson over the holidays.  All things going well, it should hit the shelves in late April or early May.  Then, after that installment in the story of the human interstellar empire’s fall, it’ll be Deadly Intent (Ghost Squadron No. 2) and the ongoing tale of the human interstellar empire’s rise a thousand years earlier.  Simultaneously writing two series which bookend a momentous era in our species’ future history is actually quite amusing.

Watch this space for imminent news of We Dare‘s release.

We Dare will be released on December 18, 2019.

Another Saga Begins

My editor is going through my newest project, We Dare – Ghost Squadron No.1 right now.  This is the first in a new series covering the rise of the empire we saw collapsing in the Ashes of Empire books.  Old acquaintances are back and will prove instrumental in the demise of the Commonwealth and its replacement by an empire that will last a thousand years.  I don’t know how long the series will be, but there is ample room for storytelling because the empire’s birth will take years.  In a nutshell, the series will follow those tumultuous events as seen through the eyes of Ghost Squadron’s Marines.  Here is the teaser for the first installment:

The Marines of Ghost Squadron are humanity’s foremost black ops specialists who strike without warning and vanish without a trace.  They will do whatever is necessary to protect humanity anywhere in the known galaxy.  With the Commonwealth increasingly unstable thanks to venal politicians, greedy financiers, and power-hungry revolutionaries, they don’t lack for missions.

When an undercover Constabulary officer vanishes after uncovering a massive cartel-run human trafficking operation, the Commonwealth’s interstellar police force calls for help from Naval Intelligence.  Because the cartel’s operations could upend the delicate political balance between the older core worlds and the more recently colonized outer star systems, Ghost Squadron gets the job.  Its mission: find the missing Constabulary officer and choke off the growing slave trade bedeviling humanity’s perilous galactic frontier.

Ghost Squadron’s commanding officer, Lieutenant Colonel Zachary Thomas Decker, spent the last ten years as a Naval Intelligence agent.  His job was thwarting plots and terminating the Commonwealth’s internal enemies alongside his partner, a trained assassin.  Now, with several hundred of the deadliest Marines ever fielded at his back, Zack Decker will change the course of history and usher in a new era.

Humanity’s interstellar empire ended in “Ashes of Empire.”  Witness its birth a thousand years earlier in Eric Thomson’s new series “Ghost Squadron.”


When will it be out?  I set up a pre-order on Amazon, Kobo, Nook, and Google Play.  Chances are good it’ll come out the week before Christmas.  The release date is now confirmed: December 18, 2019.  If you want to get it delivered the moment it’s released, follow this link:

We Dare – Ghost Squadron No. 1