Space Opera With a Twist

Happy Birthday Canada!

O, land of blue unending skies,

Mountains strong and sparkling snow,

A scent of freedom in the wind,

O’er the emerald fields below.


To thee we brought our hopes, our dreams,

For thee we stand together,

Our land of peace, where proudly flies,

The Maple Leaf forever.



Long may it wave, and grace our own,

Blue skies and stormy weather,

Within my heart, above my home,

The Maple Leaf forever!


O, Maple Leaf around the world,

You speak as you rise high above,

Of courage, peace and quiet strength,

Of the Canada that I love.


Remind us all, our union bound

By ties we cannot sever,

Bright flag revered on every ground,

The Maple Leaf forever!


As sung by Anne Murray

Instrumental version


  1. David Davis

    Anne Murray’s father was the doctor on duty at a Springhill mining rescue.

  2. xromad

    Do some grillin’ and chillin’, Eric

    On Thursday, these United States will be celebrating TWO events: First: the 243rd year of the Continental Congress approving the document written by Thomas Jefferson with help from Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Roger Sherman, & Robert Livingston. Second, the 243rd year and 2 days of the Independence of these United States! The Declaration of Independence was written to explain to the world the REASONS for the vote for independence. So the true history is:

    July 2nd is the date of the vote for independence AND the LEGAL date of U.S. independence.
    July 4th is the date of the vote to adopt a written paper explaining the July 2nd vote.

    So I’ll be grillin’ and celebrating tomorrow and maybe again on Thursday (when you’re retired EVERY day is a non-paid workday).

    Maybe we can also do July 14th, Bastille Day!

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