Space Opera With a Twist

The Saga Continues

You can purchase the ebook from your favorite retailer via this link:

At the time this blog post went live, some of the retailers aren’t showing it on their electronic shelves yet. Just check back a little later. It will eventually appear. The paperback version is already available on Amazon, and will be available from other bookstores in a few days, as will the hardcover version.

UPDATE: As of 16:20EST on 12 June 2019, it is finally LIVE on KOBO!


  1. xromad

    Just finished it and am looking forward to the next one. Also, I’d like to see some backfill books, particularly filling out the line between Brigid and Zack especially how the latter becomes a general under the first emperor. Hmmm, I wonder if Jonas has an ancestor named Siobhan?

    • Eric Thomson

      So many stories, so little time. I have more ideas than years left in this life. A new series chronicling the downfall of the Commonwealth, tentatively known to my writing muse as “Decker’s Empire” is slowly fermenting in the back of my mind. But first, I want to wrap up Siobhan Dunmoore’s war with the Shrehari Empire. Of course, a plot could spring up unbidden during a gym session, just like it did for Dunmoore #6 last week. Oh well. Glad you enjoyed Imperial Twilight. More to come in that series as well.



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