Space Opera With a Twist

So It Has Been Written

So it shall be done. I finished writing Ashes of Empire: Imperial Twilight shortly before lunchtime today. Right now, it’s coming in at around 420 pages. But that will no doubt change once I revise the draft and polish it for my editor’s gimlet eye.

I intend to take a short break from writing now, perhaps a week or so, but no more than two, before starting the hard work of revising and editing. With the weather improving and the snow gone, there will be no end of things to do around the house anyway.

Where does it take the saga from when we last saw Jonas Morane? You’ll just have to wait a few weeks until it’s published. Suffice to say, the story picks up exactly where Ashes of Empire: Imperial Sunset left off, and yes you should read it first, if you haven’t already.


  1. stealth694

    I am looking forward to it,, the end scene on Empires fall was really a good cliffhanger. Two Military types trying to convince politician that a Knowledge Vault is a good idea,,,

  2. John Lynch

    Just reviewed your “Imperial Sunset” for my author blog at:

    Short version: I liked it! Glad to see the next one is on the way.

    • Eric Thomson

      Glad you liked it. Very nice review!



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