In my last blog post, I mentioned I had creative issues with where Ashes of Empire: Imperial Twilight was going. I’m happy to report those are now sorted out. Work has resumed and the first draft is now a little over one third complete, after making the necessary changes to set the correct course. But I wasn’t idle in the interval. While I let my subconscious figure Imperial Twilight out, I managed to write the first three chapters of my next project, one which I’ll keep under wraps until it’s done.

I only wish Mother Nature would sort herself out just as quickly as my writing muse. We’re in March and the temperatures are still well below freezing. In fact, so low it could still be January even if the sun says spring is two weeks away. And right now – drum roll – it’s snowing again. This winter has been one of the most challenging in many years. I’ve never seen such a thick layer of ice everywhere and my poor wee dog can’t even remember what a walk through the neighbourhood feels like. I think we’ll all be happy when we can consign the 2018-19 winter to the history books.

Finally, if you’re both a scotch whisky and Game of Thrones afficionado, check your local liquor store for a new blend called White Walker. It’s easy to recognize – the bottle is covered in a white and blue sleeve, and the face of the Johnnie Walker gent on the label has been replaced by that of the Night King. As of writing this blog entry, I can’t tell you how it tastes. The bottle is still chilling in the freezer, as per the distiller’s instructions.