I’m pleased to say Without Mercy (Siobhan Dunmoore Book 5) has reached the 2/3 completion mark.  That means all things going well, it’ll come out in mid to late September, unless I put on a sudden burst of productivity in the next 2-3 weeks.  It being mid-summer, with life slowing down for a little while, I rather think steady as she goes will remain the order of the day.  After all, even a full-time writer is allowed a few weeks off every year.  At least work on the old homestead is pretty much done for the year, what with me putting the final touches on regrading the ground along a section of foundation so that torrential rain flows away from the house instead of into my basement workshop.  With a nice layer of decorative stones and a few garden-style “objets d’art” that section of the backyard looks pretty spiffy.  But since it involved moving almost half a ton of drainage gravel and the aforementioned stones from the garden center to my back yard over the weekend, I’m ready to take a break from anything physical this week.  But not from writing.  Dunmoore is about to fight her old foe Brakal, though neither knows yet the other commands the opposing force.  That should change once I pick up the story later today.