Space Opera With a Twist

A New Series is Born

Ashes of Empire: Imperial Sunset, the first in a new series has hit the bookshelves.  Set in the same universe as my other series, but a thousand years after Decker’s War, it tells the story of a desperate attempt to stave off the darkness threatening to smother humanity’s interstellar empire and send civilization back to the Stone Age.

Imperial Sunset Ad

You can get the ebook via this link: Imperial Sunset

And in paperback via this link: Imperial Sunset

If your favorite retailer isn’t yet listed on the Books2Read page, it will be soon so check back later.  The hardcover version will also be available within a day or two.



  1. John Buchanan

    Much enjoyed all your books so far and awaiting the next. As good as Iain M Banks.

    • Eric Thomson

      Thank you for your kind words, John!

  2. Mark marcum

    Ashes of the empire was great reading. Looking forward to next adventure. Great transition from Deckers war.

    • Eric Thomson

      Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed it. There’s more to come.

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