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Last week, Mrs Thomson and I took a few days off from our respective travails and indulged in an impromptu visit to one of our favorite places so we could leave the surface behind and blow bubbles over pristine coral reefs.  It was our first time there during the off-season (we usually go in the spring), and we experienced the eerie quiet of a place less than one quarter full.  But the lack of visitors meant the staff could pamper us all the more, and we were glad once more to see faces that have become very familiar over the years.  The water was almost bathtub warm and I dove without a wetsuit all week.  And, of course, we over-ate, over-slept and generally indulged in the gentle art of farniente.

In a departure from my usual underwater pastime, I shot video exclusively and took not a single picture.  It was just as well that I did, since we encountered so many nurse sharks that I lost count.  This fine specimen bade us a fond farewell on our last dive, almost precisely beneath the boat.

Nurse Shark

The image is an extract from the video I shot of the encounter.  You can watch said video on You Tube at the following link Nurse Shark.  And yes, in case you’re wondering after seeing the video, it passed within a few inches of me, close enough to touch.

I even managed to write a whole chapter of Without Mercy (Siobhan Dunmoore Book 5) on the airplane while flying to our destination, but couldn’t muster the energy to do more.  I’ll be getting back to it shortly.

And now to enjoy the weirdly late summer’s warmth we’re experiencing in my portion of the Great White North.


  1. Kris Pedersen

    I, as a fellow C.F. Vet was appalled when options for additional books included ‘Hitler and why we Loved” him by Christopher Freidhof. You should contact Amazon re:this abomination…

  2. Eric Thomson

    Unfortunately, there’s nothing I can do about it. Amazon doesn’t care. Its system will spit out all books by people who share the same name if you search by name. It’s my misfortune that some random racist a**h**e decided to use the same pen name as mine. At least his screed doesn’t show up on Amazon Canada when you search for “Eric Thomson” and it most certainly doesn’t show up on my Amazon author page on Amazon US.

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