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Embracing Change Part 2 – The Mailing List

I’ve finally been convinced that it’s time to join the year 2017 and offer my readers the option to join a mailing list which will allow me to inform them directly of new book releases, special offers and other things of interest.  That doesn’t mean I’ll stop blogging here and it doesn’t mean I’ll be deluging email in-boxes with frequent newsletters either.  It just means that anyone who wants to receive news about my books once in a while without visiting this blog or my official author website now has another option.  If you’re interested, this link will take you to a sign-up page.

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  1. Keith W. Bird

    iI read your trilogy and have to tell you as a practicing German naval history (Die Deutsche Marine) with over 700 hundred ScFi books in my Kindle and how many before then. your books are outstanding. I hope you do more with Slobhan. I have posted a quote from your last book–those who give up freedom for security, deserve neither.

  2. Eric Thomson

    Thank you for your kind words, Keith. There will be more Siobhan Dunmoore. I’m at the 80% completion mark of her fourth adventure as I write this and hope to see it published in two months from now.

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