Howling Stars (Decker’s War Book 4) has been out for six days now, but I haven’t been sitting idle. Quite the contrary. I’m fast approaching the halfway mark on the first draft of A Splash of Blood and, as some might have noticed, I’ve posted the blurb and cover for the fourth Siobhan Dunmoore adventure, Victory’s Bright Dawn. I’ve also written the opening chapter as a way to get my creative juices going. On top of that, I have the high-level storyline for the fifth Decker’s War novel sorted out and ready to go once I finish the two books I’m currently writing. I managed to publish three novels in 2016 and aim to do the same in 2017, which shouldn’t be much of a stretch since I already have two of them in progress.

I apologize for the fact that the paperback version of Howling Stars hasn’t come out yet. I’ve had a few production issues to sort out, but it might hit the Amazon shelves later today or tomorrow ­­ – I hope.

Update 7 December 2016: The paperback version of Howling Stars is now available on Amazon