I had Queen’s pounding anthem Another One Bites the Dust playing in my mind as I typed the last words of the last chapter of Howling Stars (Decker’s War – Book 4) earlier today. Yes, the first draft is done, four months almost to the day since Fatal Blade (Decker’s War – Book 3) hit the bookshelves. Not bad, considering I spent most of June and then a good chunk of August finalizing Like Stars in Heaven. And that’s despite the home reno work I had to do, and worrying about my dog’s surgical adventures.


Now, the draft gets to ripen while I plunge into my next novel for a while. Then, the first revision before it goes to my editor, and the back-and-forth that inevitably ensues. Unless my editor really hates the storyline, it will be ready for publication in November, as advertised.

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