The end of my work on Like Stars in Heaven (Siobhan Dunmoore Book 3) that is.  I finished the revision with my editor’s comments earlier today and now, the manuscript is in the hands of two wonderful people who’ll give it a last, critical look and find all the errors I didn’t catch during the revisions.  Once they’re happy, it’s off to Amazon and publication.

This one has been a long time coming.  A year in fact. I’ve just checked my archives and my earliest developmental notes date back almost exactly a year ago, to August 10, 2015.  The second Siobhan Dunmoore book had come out only two weeks earlier.  I made a lot of false starts, during the last half of Summer 2015 and into early Autumn, and finally put it aside to work on the two Decker’s War books (#2 and #3), until I could find the right storyline and run with it.  But now, I’m done – except for the final bit of polishing.

Does that make me happy?  You bet.  But tomorrow, I’ll be back at work on Decker’s War #4, because taking a day off seems to be something I find hard to do.  Not a problem.  There will be golf later this week, and hikes through the woods, just to make sure I don’t form a symbiotic relationship with my office chair and computer.