This weekend’s weather hasn’t been conducive to much outdoor activities, sadly. Yesterday, the rain came down in buckets for most of the day, which must have cheered up farmers to no end and even today, as I write this blog post, the gray skies threaten more rain after a night of non-stop precipitation. I suppose I’ll have to get my exercise on the treadmill again.

Of course there’s always a silver lining and in this case, I was able to advance Howling Stars (Decker’s War Book 4) by a full chapter yesterday, and will likely do the same today – the first draft is already 20% complete. In the meantime, my editor is reviewing Like Stars in Heaven, but I’ve yet to get any sort of feedback.

I suppose that I can review my photos of the last few hikes to cheer myself up on this dark and dank day, but like most things, this too shall pass. If a rainy day is my biggest problem right now, then I am most fortunate indeed, although my poor dog, who was deprived of his walk yesterday and who might be deprived of today’s will surely disagree, it being one of the highpoints, if not the highpoint of his day. And I can understand him. Hiking in the woods on a fine summer’s day is one of the highpoints of my week.

And that being said, here’s a beetle I met in Gatineau Park last week.