Yesterday, I wrapped up the first draft of Like Stars in Heaven and promised myself a bit of rest and relaxation as a reward while it fermented quietly in preparation for the inevitable rounds of editing.  My resolution didn’t last.  I got around to playing nine holes of golf this morning and established that, as expected, I still suck.  This year, however, it seems that the sarcastic gods of the golf course have decided that I can no longer hit the ball with my fairway wood in any manner that can be even remotely described as effective, where last summer I didn’t look like a complete idiot swinging it.  Which makes my tee shots, much better now than last year, kind of moot, because the distance I gained with my driver, I lose with every subsequent stroke.  My best was a bogey on a par 3 hole, and then only because I didn’t have to pull that dratted #3 wood from the bag.

After a quick meal of burger and fries (hey, I exercised – I can afford to eat crap food just this once), I tooled around the house aimlessly until, somehow, I found myself staring at the open Scrivener file for Howling Stars (Decker’s War Book 4).  Yes, I began to write and one hour and 1,500 words later, I have to accept the fact that I have no willpower when it comes to staying away from the keyboard even for just one day.

Oh well.  I suppose when you finally get that job you really love, you stop counting the hours and revel in the satisfaction.  Decker lovers, you’ll get another fix in a few months.  At this rate, it might even be a (Canadian) Thanksgiving gift.