Yesterday, my hometown of Ottawa experienced the joy of a large sinkhole right in the middle of the busiest part of the city, a stone’s throw from Parliament, right outside the city’s largest shopping centre and near the light rail tunnel currently being built. Hearing about the traffic chaos, with all the street closure, makes me doubly glad to be working from home these days.

Of course, the usual internet comedy quickly followed, with Godzilla emerging from the hole, jokes about the federal government’s deficit budgeting putting the country in the hole, etc.

As a writer, I can’t help think of story ideas surrounding this little (big?) mishap. Perhaps finding human remains that lead to a massive conspiracy still resonating in the hallways of power in 2016. I suppose it’s a good thing I write science-fiction and not political thrillers or murder mysteries, otherwise, I’d never finish anything thanks to new ideas surfacing every day. Of course, as a sci-fi guy, the Godzilla meme is more up my alley.

Now if only the weather could stop trying to pretend we’re in October and remember it’s June. At least we got a good hike around King Mountain last Saturday, before we skipped summer and went straight to autumn. Back to Like Stars in Heaven…I can’t wait to wrap up the first draft.