Space Opera With a Twist

Done (Hopefully!)

After a week of 12 hour days, Fatal Blade (Decker’s War Book 3) is done.  I’ve just sent the manuscript to my editor for one final sanity check after incorporating her comments, getting it proofread and making sure the last little bumps in the prose are truly and well smoothed out.  Hopefully, it won’t take her more than a few days to read and give me the go-ahead for publication.

Fatal Blade

I feel strangely at loose ends right now, as if I’m having trouble giving myself the rest of Saturday off after working seven days a week for so long, the writing and editing interspersed with home maintenance and renovation tasks (of which there is still an impressive quantity).  Perhaps, this being the Victoria Day long weekend and thus the official start of the warm season in our part of Canada, we might go for a hike in the woods tomorrow or holiday Monday.  But I know the temptation to get back to Like Stars in Heaven will be too strong to resist for long, and the ideas for Decker’s fourth adventure are already struggling to escape.
When the boundaries between hobby and job blur, as they have for me, it’s sometimes difficult to find an ideal balance, but I wouldn’t change my life for anyone else’s right now.  I’m still living the dream.


  1. A. Lee Ripley

    I’m a fan of the cover art! PS: I’m a good way into Dunmoore #1 and quite enjoying it so far! 🙂

  2. natshatsgo70

    If ever you decide not to go to the woods tomorrow, you might want to listen to you sister play and sing at the Landsdown farmers market between 1:30-3pm.




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