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All parts of the process to produce a novel aren’t created equal. I thoroughly enjoy imagining the story and writing the first draft, I even enjoy the first round of editing when the rough spots get sanded down and the final product begins to emerge. The part I like least is the one I’m going through right now with Fatal Blade, the final bit of polishing before proofreading. By now, I’ve run through the entire novel three times and I’m getting impatient at finally publishing…yet I’m still finding a few little bumps in the prose that need adjusting, so there’s no skipping to the next step. Of course, Like Stars in Heaven is still waiting for me and the list of things to do around the house keeps lengthening, so this week I’ve tried something different – alternating between work on Fatal Blade and repairing the deck. I’d do a chapter of the book, then go outside and tear out a rotting plank, replace it with a new one, come back in, do a chapter of the book, go outside and replace a rotting plank, and so forth, alternating between two very different tasks (interspersed with the usual, i.e. walking the dog, running errands, etc). It’s increased my productivity to the point where I’m working more hours per day than I used to when I still had an office job. At this rate, I’ll have to put out the ‘dumpster in a bag’ over the weekend because I’ve piled up enough old lumber to fill it. It means I’ll need to get another one for the basement reno, which has languished now that it’s warm enough to do the outside work, but seeing visible progress with the to-do list is satisfying, especially since I’ve been able to combine that work with finalizing Fatal Blade and not get sick and tired of doing either task.

Progress is good – staying fresh and motivated is even better.

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  1. A. Lee Ripley

    Really smart approach… I’ll try it on the end too. 😉

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