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Music and the Stars

I’m an unabashed Queen fan when it comes to music.  Freddie Mercury’s premature death in 1991 deprived the world of one of the finest voices in rock, but the band soldiers on, as they have since 1970.  One interesting fact that few folks who aren’t Queen fans know is that lead guitarist and founding member of Queen, Brian May, earned a PhD in Astrophysics in 2007 and is properly addressed as Doctor Brian May, CBE.  He was also Chancellor of Liverpool John Moores University for five years.

And there you have it: a legendary rock guitarist who is arguably smarter than 99% of us out there.  A musical star who is also into the real stars.  For a sci-fi writer like myself, it’s fascinating that one of the musicians who inspires my imagination and whose music helps drive my writing actually knows so much more about the universe I use as a backdrop for my stories than I ever could.  He’s also composed a number of Queen’s hits, including my favourite Who Wants to Live Forever for the soundtrack of the fantasy movie Highlander.

Progress on Fatal Blade – Decker’s War Book 3 has been tremendous over the last little while.  I’m rapidly encroaching on the half-way mark and I am increasingly confident that the first draft will be done shortly after Easter.  At that point, it’ll go to my editor and I’ll get back on the third Dunmoore adventure.  I hadn’t planned on writing the books in that order, but I have to go with the flow and the flow was with Decker’s War.


  1. Terry Rudden

    One more interesting piece of trivia for you. Frank Zappy, arguably the most gifted, versatile and curmudgeonly rock guitarist ever, when asked by Guitar Player magazine whose playing he admired, said he found Brian May “interesting”. That, from Zappa, was high praise.

  2. Eric Thomson


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