I’ve gone on a binge of Scandinavian TV shows lately, the most recent being the original Swedish cop series Wallander.  I had watched the BBC version with Kenneth Branagh and was very interested in seeing what the Swedes had made of it.  Of course, like so many non-English language shows, the offering on Netflix was in Swedish with English subtitles, but the acting was compelling enough to keep me watching.  After a number of ninety minute episodes, I developed the delusion that I was actually beginning to understand Swedish but it turned out to be the characters using English to communicate with non-Swedes (presumably sub-titled for Swedish TV), English apparently being the lingua franca when Scandinavians want to speak with Russians, Germans, etc.  But all joking aside, I did notice that there are a number of Swedish words that are almost the same in German (which I speak) and some which presumably ended up in English via the Viking invasions of Britain during the Middle Ages.

As I was watching episode after episode, I began to get the strange feeling that Krister Henriksson, the actor playing Kurt Wallander, eerily reminded me of someone else.  Finally, during an episode where he was wearing aviator sunglasses, constantly taking them off and putting them back on, it struck me: he was the Swedish David Caruso and I was actually watching CSI:Ystad.  It was quite the illusion.

I haven’t neglected my writing – the binge watching comes once I’ve wrung out pretty much every word from my brain.  The new Decker’s War adventure is almost one third done and moving along at a good pace.  As well, my new website is growing with the addition of fresh information about my universe and characters.  This morning, I added a page of biographical notes on Zack Decker, with Dunmoore’s bio coming in the next few days.

Since it’s very cold today (30 degrees centigrade below zero), thanks to a polar vortex, I’m stuck indoors and will spend the day at my computer, driving Decker and his partner towards the turmoil of colonial rebellion.  I guess a cold winter’s day is a good time to watch Swedish cop shows as well.