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Last month I described how some musical pieces have inspired my writing by helping my mind’s eye see the scenes I want to create.  As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m running full steam ahead with the third Decker’s War adventure these days since the successive scenes that bring it to the climactic second half of the book just keep coming, some of them late at night!  Interestingly enough, even though the story doesn’t much involve pirates this time, the piece that’s been driving my imagination in the last few days is this soundtrack mix from Pirates of the Caribbean.  It’s become the driver for the story from where I’m at just about now until the end of the first half.  As you can imagine by the tempo, there’s a fair bit of fighting involved, as one would expect with Zack Decker.  The quiet life will never be for him.

When will my current Decker marathon end and my work on the third Dunmoore adventure resume?  I have no idea.  If I’ve learned anything over the last year or so, it’s to go with the flow and don’t fight where the characters and my imagination want to take me.

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  1. LionAroundWriting

    It’s great finding a piece of music you can write to and help inspire writing. Mine is Peer Kusiv.

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