Space Opera With a Twist

Aliens From Earth

I was going through my recent underwater pictures and came across this little gem: a pair of Caribbean Reef Squid engaged in some sort ritual.  They were part of a group of squid (a squid-ron as I like to call them) that hung around us for a few minutes, probably just as curious about two humans making bubbles as we were of them.


The one thing that’s always fascinated me about squid is the fact that they’ll look us straight in the eye and begin to ripple with different shades and colours, as if they’re trying to communicate with us.  Cephalopods are known to be intelligent, so why not? I suppose we’re as alien to them as they can appear to us, and yet we share the same planet.  The darker one in this picture is definitely telling me something, perhaps warning me to stay away from his mate.

By the way, since meeting squid on the reef for the first time, years ago, I’ve not been able to eat calamari…

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  1. A. Lee Ripley

    Awesome! 🙂

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