I have no idea if this is common among authors or not, but I get a lot of inspiration for my writing from music, specifically the dramatic or climatic parts of a novel, even if I don’t know yet what the full measure of the story will be.  It’s a little strange sometimes, to sit there with headphones on and have my characters fight, shoot or do something vivid in front of my mind’s eye without quite knowing yet why they’re doing it or how they came to that point.  Those scenes then become the crux of a novel that grows around them.  It sounds a bit backwards now that I’m actually writing this down, but it seems to work.  I won’t give you the full list of what’s inspired me, but I’ll mention that I always hear Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit when thinking of the part of the raid near the end of Death Comes But Once where they’re wiping the place out.  The end scenes of Like Stars in Heaven also have their own musical soundtrack and I had those detailed in my mind well before I’d decided on the thrust of the story line. Likewise, as I’m conceptualizing the newest Decker story, I’ve gotten my inspiration for the climax of from the tune March of Cambreadth and even without knowing what the tale is about, you might just be able to see something not too far from what I see when you listen to it.   For my part, I know it really it suits a Decker’s War adventure.   Anything that works I suppose and speaking of work, I had better get back to the third Dunmoore.  I’ve left her hanging with a decision to make and no choice particularly more palatable than the other.