Winter isn’t my favourite time of year, if you can believe that.  In the five days we’ve been back from our annual trek to go diving, we’ve had snow almost every day.  As I sit here working on Dunmoore Book 3 (I’m at the 42,000 word mark, so a little over a third done), occasionally glancing out the window to see large, fluffy bits of frozen water dance in the cold air, I can’t help but think back at the warmer climes we enjoyed so recently.

I haven’t yet gone through my pictures in any detail.  Digital photography’s biggest drawback is the sheer number of shots you have to sort through to find that half dozen or so you’d be willing to enlarge and frame, but I have taken a quick peek at what I got, if only to remember a time and place without ice and snow.

This picture below is of Mrs Thomson as we dove a shipwreck at an undisclosed location that is not in Canada.  In terms of quality, it isn’t up there with my best but it does convey an idea of size and depth.  I’ll freely confess that my wide-angle photography needs a lot of polishing.  I do ninety percent of my underwater work on macro, chasing the tiny critters that hide among the coral polyps, and I’ve gotten fairly good at that aspect.  A large part of it stems from the fact that the problems of lighting in a watery environment are no where near as challenging in close-up work

.Wreck dive

Back to the novel.  It won’t write itself, especially not with my blasted characters trying to throw me off course all the time, though I think I’ve overcome the latest roadblock Siobhan Dunmoore has thrown across my hawse (to mangle a nautical metaphor!)