Here I am, working my way through Like Stars in Heaven and, notwithstanding that I have the story plotted and outlined, I come to a grinding halt about one-third of the way in.  Why?  Because I’m stuck waiting for Dunmoore to make a decision.  I mentioned, many months ago, that my characters frequently take over and run with the story and it’s happening again.  So now, she’s sitting in her command chair, studying the options presented by her sailing master and I can’t move forward until she chooses.  Hopefully it’ll be soon.  I know that the others aboard the Stingray are also getting a bit impatient.

In the meantime, I haven’t been idle.  Since I had the ending all sewn up, I’ve written the last chapter of the book as well as a good chunk of the second last chapter, and yesterday, I started another, longer term project as well.  My editor has been challenging me to write some short stories to flesh out my various characters’ pasts, with the idea of publishing a collection of sorts at some point, although it wasn’t something I’d been seriously considering.  Then, the other day, for no reason at all, I came up with a pretty neat opening line but no tale behind it so I let it float in the back of my mind until, suddenly yesterday, I came up with the first of what I hope will be half a dozen or so short stories that’ll give some of my characters a fascinating past.  In the space of an hour, I had somewhere around 2,000 words committed to paper (to the Word document, if I want to be accurate), of what will likely be around 10,000-15,000 words total, so the ideas are there.  Some days I love it when my editor is right and some days not so much.  I’ll have to make up my mind later about this one.  For now, I’m seeing something along the lines of a collection of short stories involving Zack Decker and his partner Hera Talyn before they met, i.e. during Decker’s days in the Pathfinders and his period of drifting immediately before Death Comes But Once and Talyn’s formative years as a young black ops officer, well before she got in bed (both literally and figuratively) with Zack.

Blogging will be light over the Christmas holidays, so if there aren’t many entries between now and the New Year, don’t be surprised.  I’ll be doing things that aren’t in any way or fashion related to writing, so I can come back to my keyboard refreshed and rejuvenated in January.