Now that Cold Comfort is out (and doing very well, I must say – it seems Zack Decker does have his fans out there), I’ve been able to turn back to Like Stars in Heaven (Siobhan Dunmoore – Book 3) after a week or so not doing anything related to writing.  I’m almost at the one-third mark for the first draft, so I think a spring publication date is very much in the cards.  I’ve also been refining the concept and outline for the third Zack Decker adventure.  It’ll likely figure a lot more action and less shenanigans than his first two outings, simply because I feel like seeing him stride across the scene, blaster in one hand, dagger in the other, doing a clean-up job on the fringes of the Commonwealth.

With the Christmas holidays coming up fast, my progress on writerly stuff will drop for a short while, though I’ll be keeping copies of the manuscripts close at hand in case inspiration strikes me between naps, holiday meals and other sundry activities utterly unrelated to work, either of the day job or author variety.

I was reminded again last night of the fragility of life, especially as one gets older, when I was informed a long-time acquaintance of ours, not all that much older than Mrs Thomson and me, was rushed to the hospital yesterday with a grim prognosis.  I’d been in touch with him no more than a week or two ago and he seemed fine.  It was another reminder to enjoy life while we can, hug those close to us daily (including the last surviving dog of the little pack) and be thankful for every sunny morning we experience.