My lovely and talented editor graced me with her comments on Cold Comfort a few days ago, and I’ve been busily absorbing the suggestions she’s made.  I’m now at the point where I can post a teaser on the book’s page, so if you’re a Zack Decker fan, go take a look.  I’ve also made some modest progress on Like Stars in Heaven, to the point where Act I is all but complete.

Autumn has finally arrived in our part of the Great White North and the trees are quickly going from fall colours to bare branches.  Last Monday, it being our Thanksgiving, we wanted to go out and enjoy the unseasonably warm weather, only to find that most of the city had the same idea.  In all but a few spots, the parking lots at the trail heads were overflowing, sometimes for almost a kilometre along the access roads.  I can’t recall seeing the like in all the years we’ve lived in the area.  It’s nice to see urban couch potatoes go out and enjoy nature, but I must confess I prefer having the woods to myself.  We ended up walking a more urban pathway along the river to the almost constant bell ringing of passing bicycles.  At least everyone was polite and considerate, so I’ll give my fellow nature lovers high marks.  Sadly, the last two days have been colder, windier and mostly grey, so I’ll have to work my way through the five stages of grief at the departure of the warm weather.  Right now, I think I’m at ‘anger’, though that could also be due to the never-ending federal election campaign, with all the tiresome bovine droppings spewed by every party and candidate, and the unpleasantness surfacing in some folks who take this partisan garbage beyond mere disagreement and into incivility.

In any case, I’ve got a bit of work to do to clean up Cold Comfort, but it’s looking very good.