My editor now holds Cold Comfort (Decker’s War – Book 2) in her hands.  Early comments are favourable.  I can now turn my attention back to Book 3 of the Dunmoore adventures – movement should start picking up now that I’ve finally found the right groove for the story.  For those who are counting, this is the fourth start.  Funnily enough, all three false starts provided elements to the proper storyline, which means number four is the synthesis of attempts one through three, but the thing that really broke the logjam was switching the gender of the “guest character” who plays a major role in the tale.  Once I’d done that, the rest fell into place almost immediately.  I had the high level outline for the entire novel down on paper in the space of two hours and the detailed outline for the first act and half of the second act as well.  I’ll likely still work on the other novel as well, just for a change of pace every so often.  At this rate, I’m guessing February next year for Dunmoore 3, though Cold Comfort is looking good for a late October, early November publication date.  I can never tell what will trigger the cascade of story ideas, but it just shows that I need to keep at it, false starts and all instead of walking away in disappointment.  Now if I could just walk away from the demented bureaucracy, I’d have a lot of stories to tell, but I’m not quite there yet.