Hard to believe, but we’re only a week away from Labour Day, which means summer is almost over – already. In some jurisdictions, today is the first day of school, in others, it’ll be next week. Looking back, I have no idea where it went. Granted, my month of July was very much given over to finalizing The Path of Duty for publication, but even August seems to have flown by with only a few outings into the woods and one round of golf. I’m beginning to develop the theory that time goes by faster the older one gets. I’ve been in my current job for so long that I forget in which year we did what.  It doesn’t seem like all that time has elapsed and yet it’s been seven years! On the other hand, it means the roughly two and a half years I’ve got left before I retire from my day job and become a full-time writer should go by in a flash. But, one thing at a time. Even though summer is nearing the end, this week will be a scorcher and Mrs Thomson and I are planning on hitting the links on Friday. Of course, our annual scuba diving trip to an undisclosed location is also coming up fast. As it will coincide with our thirtieth wedding anniversary, this year’s will be special.

In the meantime, I’m almost done with the first draft of Cold Comfort (Decker’s War – Book 2). I should have it wrapped up by this time next week. Then, it gets set aside for a bit of maturing while I go back to the third Dunmoore adventure. Sadly, my second attempt at it also proved to be a false start, but I think I’ve got the right storyline now. All that to say, I’m still confident Cold Comfort will be ready for the planned end of October release date, while the next Dunmoore is probably going to come out early in 2016.