Space Opera With a Twist

Onwards We Go

Since the publication of The Path of Duty (Siobhan Dunmoore Book 2) earlier this week, I’ve been toying with story ideas for Book 3.  I already know how it ends, seeing as how I intend a change in her career trajectory, but I had only vague ideas about how we get there.  Seemingly overnight, a story line has emerged in my ever fertile imagination, and I put down the first 4,700 words today.  I think I’ll be working on the second Decker’s War book in alternation with the third Dunmoore book over the next few months, as inspiration and ideas grab me, but I think we can’t expect Dunmoore Book 3 until 2016.  So far, Book 2 seems to have been well received, if sales are any indication, so that’s encouraging me to get going on the next one.

Enjoy the weekend.  Summer’s almost half-way through (or winter for my readers in the southern hemisphere).


  1. phil dent

    Just loved the first two dunmoore books. Thank you for you hard work in bringing these to life. I eagerly look forward number three!

  2. Eric Thomson

    Hi Phil,

    Thanks for your kind words. It’s pretty humbling to find out folks are enjoying my scribblings. I’ll be putting in a lot of hours on Number Three over the next few weeks/months, and hopefully when it’s done, you’ll find it as enjoyable as the first two.



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