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And……. We’re Done

I’ve just submitted the new Dunmoore novel, The Path of Duty, to Amazon for publication as a Kindle ebook.  It could take until tomorrow or even Tuesday before it’s available in all markets.  The paperback version should be available by Tuesday.  It being the Sunday before I return to my day job after two blissful weeks on holidays, feeling like I was retired already, I have a few things to take care of, now that the novel is wrapped up and on its way to the ebook shelves.

I just want to publicly thank two lovely ladies without whom this novel wouldn’t have seen the light of day, i.e. my editor and my proof-reader.  You two know who you are and  I love you both to bits.  Thanks for everything!

UPDATE 17:40hrs, July 26….  Looks like the ebook is live on most Amazon sites.

Amazon Canada

Amazon Australia

Amazon UK

Amazon Deutschland

It might take a few days before the “Look Inside” function appears on Amazon.  In the meantime, you can read the first two chapters on my site: The Path of Duty – Chapters One and Two



  1. Stan Charbonneau

    August 1, still no paperback. Any word from the printer/publisher on ETA?

  2. Anonymous

    Sorry – no idea. The paperback version is up on, and It doesn’t appear to be up on and yet. If you’re looking to buy it from a retailer other than Amazon (Barnes & Noble, Chapters-Indigo, etc), I can reliably say it takes about 6-8 weeks at least.

  3. Eric Thomson

    Sorry – that was me above, not “Anonymous”. Not sure what happened

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