Update – 25 July 2015 – 20:00hrs (8PM, or eight bells in the dog watch) – The final review of the manuscript is 2/3s done.  Barring any emergencies tomorrow, it should be hitting the Amazon ebook shelves at some point between late Sunday evening and early Tuesday morning.  I have no control over that part of the process.  The paperback should be on the shelves by Tuesday morning.


My proof-reader finished with The Path of Duty last night and I updated the manuscript accordingly this morning.  I need to do one more read of the novel, to make sure nothing egregious jumps from the page and then it’ll be ready for publication.  Another couple of days at most.  I said I wanted it out before I returned to my day job next Monday, and I think we’ll manage it, even though I intend to return to the golf course tomorrow.  Once the book is live on Amazon (ebook first, paperback version a day or two after that), I’ll post the news here on my blog.